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Got BI?

Business Intelligence is the boiling down and processing of immense amounts of data into meaningful and actionable information. It is the method by which companies can gain insight into their business operations so that they can position their business for profitability, stability, and growth. The information from various data sets are queried and analyzed automatically or ad-hoc and presented to the user in reports, charts, and dashboards to seriously empower performance management.

Myriad tools and platforms can be used to accomplish the desired analyses, and our solutions enable drilldown into key performance indicators for multi-level intelligence browsing.  We at e-nnovate specialize in:

  • Building desktop-based solutions by extending, customizing, & automating the Microsoft Office Application Suite platform (Excel, Access, Word, Outlook) through VBA programming.
  • Building web & cloud-based solutions using MySQL server, Linux, Apache, WordPress, PHP, HTML, Javascript, JQuery, Highcharts, AJAX, and other open-source technologies.

It used to be that Business Intelligence had to be extremely expensive, requiring licensing from giants like SAP, IBM, Oracle, Tableau, and QlikTech. With our innovations and techniques however, we are proud to be able to provide affordable BI services license-free through open source technologies and desktop application customization for small and medium-sized businesses.  Never before has so much meaningful and actionable information been available to executives and decision makers with such a modest investment in programming. The key is in developing custom solutions that meet exactly your needs rather than purchasing a license for a huge generic pre-fab application suite.

Work smarter, nor harder!

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