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Databases are the foundation of all modern business activity ranging from simple contacts management to complex data mining and reporting. They are the lifeblood of today’s global economy yet have never been more affordable at any other time in history. The key to quality database applications, regardless of whether they are desktop databases or server/cloud-based, is good database design. First-rate design allows for fast, efficient and powerful queries—databases that are both robust and scalable.

At e-nnovate, our database engineers and DBAs specialize in the two most common and affordable database types in existence today:

  • Desktop databases built using Microsoft Access
  • Server and cloud-based databases using MySql on Linux

Whether you need a new custom database with a web-based front-end interface or whether you need an upgrade to your old Access desktop database that resides on your personal computer, e-nnovate can provide you with the solution you require. From database design and modelling to normalization, stored procedures, and triggers, we build powerful and fast database functionality quickly and affordably to improve your access to meaningful business data.

Work smarter, nor harder!

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