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Let the computer do the work!

Microsoft Office is the undisputed primary platform for business and education, and it allows customization and expansion so that it can meet your specific and unique set of needs. This powerful potential is often not understood and therefore is underutilized. Even a small and simple customization solution can save immense amounts of time, allowing you to work smarter and let the computer be the one to work harder.

Our team of Office architects has been using, developing, and teaching the MS Office suite of programs since 1996, and we have helped many companies by custom tailoring an Office solution to meet their needs. Using our programming expertise in the VBA language, we create innovative solutions that accomplish your goals while keeping the technical jargon to a minimum and providing clear and concise explanations for what we do.

We take great pleasure in creating solutions that take minutes to do what previously took a person hours or days to do manually. Whether it is creating a custom macro, VBA procedure, ribbon, or addin, our solutions save time and money by making the computer do the work rather than the person. We can integrate functionality and data sharing between office applications like, for example, a solution where a Excel produces a pivot table and Outlook distributes them automatically to a mailing list, or a solution where Access produces data that excel then charts, using excel’s superior charting engine. These types of integration allow the custom solution to use each of the Office programs for their unique strengths, combining them to work together automatically as one unified system.

Work smarter, nor harder!

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