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We aren’t just good at VBA, we’re EXPERTS!

Our VBA developers have been tested and rank in the top ten percent of all tested VBA developers worldwide.
So when we say that we are experts, it’s the truth.

A team with over 20 years of VBA experience!

Not a single consultant, we are a team of developers with over 20 years of VBA development experience and a background in finance, accounting, and analysis.
See, we started programming VBA back when it was launched with Excel 5.0 in 1993 to run on Windows 3, and today we continue to create VBA solutions up to and through Office 2013 and 365 on Windows 8.

We are an affordable investment!

By capitalizing on the power of the internet today and “telecommuting” from our individual home offices, we can pass significant savings along to our clients in the form of a truly exceptional $65 per hour rate.
With it you get a whole team of expert VBA consultants and project manager to attack and solve your business data automation needs.

Dedicated project manager with guaranteed easy communication!

You get a dedicated native English speaking project manager who is fluent in multiple different communication tools to make collaborating a truly easy experience.
We use screen sharing tools like gotomeeting, and teamviewer while on the phone or video conference to work like we are side by side in the same room–anytime, anywhere.

We are a registered Microsoft Partner.

Being a registered Microsoft Partner recognizes our status as credible professionals in our field while giving us access to specific tools, software, communities, & resources for development only available to partners.
It allows us to work with industry experts and insiders and leverage their resources to provide our customers with the best solutions at the most affordable prices.

Talk with a VBA expert & get a free consultation right now!

Call us at (904) 429-3233, email us, or have a live text chat with us.

Some of our VBA Solutions Illustrated

We also offer Office & VBA Support Packages

We can help you, tutor you, or do the work for you. You decide!

Why Choose Us?

There are plenty of development companies out there that will charge you $120 an hour for custom programming. On the other end of the spectrum you could outsource your job to India for as little as ten dollars an hour! But then you’d have to deal with a cultural barrier, a language barrier, and a time barrier *every* time you have a question!

We are comfortably in the middle. We are a US based company located in the Eastern time zone (Florida), and for our $65/hour rate you get a stellar native English speaking project manager and an expert team of VBA developers to convert your needs into a working and automated reality.

 Questions you should ask before hiring any VBA Developer

“What is your current availability to work on my project?”

One of the most important questions you can ask! Our availability varies depending on our current project and client load, but in general this is our approach: we prefer fewer clients and longer-term relationships rather than being a “production shop” that churns out hundreds of jobs a month. We like to schedule our time so that when we work on a project we work at least 75% of our day on that one project, until it is complete—at which point we move on to another project. We find this approach better for our capacity to focus and ability to accelerate our productivity and for our clients desire to get their work done fast.

“How long have you worked with VBA?”

We started programming in VBA when it was released in 1993, giving us now over 20 years of solid VBA programming experience.

We have grown as the technology has grown, and we offer modern world class solutions that will work for years to come.

“Can you provide references?”

Yes absolutely! We have many happy clients that can attest to our abilities!

We have gotten many love letters from satisfied clients over the years. Here’s just a few comments from some of our customers.

What Our Clients Say

“Can you give us a detailed project estimate?”

Absolutely! Don’t be fooled into believing in the artificial mystery of development.

We can break down your requirement into tangible lists and estimate the time and cost required to achieve each item. You should pass on any VBA development studio that can’t do this!

“What about a down payment?”

In general don’t be scared if a development company asks for a down payment to start on any project. This is an industry standard that is universally accepted.

At the same time, be wary of anyone who asks for payment in full before providing a finished product to you!  At e-nnovate, we determine our required down payment and other payment terms with you based on project size and scope.

“How can I get in contact with you?”

We don’t just supply a single contact form on a website! With us, you can call us by phone (904) 429-3233, send us an email, text chat, or video conference on skype.

We try to respond to all calls and emails within one hour (during our normal business hours), even if it is just to let you know that we received your message and will get back to you soon.

Choosing the right development team will let your ideas bloom into reality through a partnership where you really have someone “on your team” to help you success.

Choosing the wrong development team will put your time and money at risk as well as possibly your reputation and security.

These are no small matters so be wise and ask the important questions first!

Contact us now for a free consultation to see how we can create an affordable VBA solution to meet your needs!