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Successful web site design and development require a masterful blend of compelling images, video, and graphic design, captivating writing, rich features, intelligent marketing, and an easy to use interface. Gone are the days of “if you build it they will come.” For a web site to thrive in this modern age it is essential that it be up-to-date with fresh, intelligent and gripping content. For many businesses, the web site is the only “face” that a customer will ever see, and first impressions continue to be the most powerful. With today’s web site analytics and tracking tools it is easier than ever before to have deep knowledge into who your visitors are and what their behavior is while on your site, allowing savvy site owners to fine-tune the site to make it ever better performing and useful.

At e-nnovate, we have broad expertise in the multiple disciplines required to create powerful and productive web sites.  We specialize in developing solutions with the WordPress platform, developed from the ground up to be completely platform independent and usable on any device (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop). We utilize the Google Suite of webmaster tools for analysis, tracking, advertising, & maps implementations.
Our expert programmers can create any desired functionality—expanding on the power of the backend MySQL database with custom queries, tables & fields, creating or customizing plugins, addins, and apps that expand the functionality of your site and allow it to integrate with any other tools that you might wish to use such as Facebook or Microsoft Office. We believe that we are now in the era when anything is possible, and we have never met a problem or need that we could not solve.

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